Usually, but not always, Homework assignments given in class will also be posted online.
  • Homework will be assigned when the lesson requires it.
  • Homework is expected to be completed by the next class unless otherwise noted.
  • Students must attempt all problems to recieve full credit for an assignment.
  • Homework grades are determined based on effort. Usually full credit will be received for a homework assignment if the student shows that he/she has put for the effort in completing the assignment, not the actual result. For example if a student was assigned 5 problems, tried to do all five and got them all incorrect, that student would still receive full credit for the assignment. However if the student attempted only one of the problems and got it right, the student would only receive 20% of the credit on the assignment.
  • Assignments must be turned in on time to recieve full credit. Assignments turned up to 2 classes late will recieve half credit, assignments turned in later than 2 classes will recieve no credit.

  • Completed assignments are worth 2 points. Late or partially completed assignments are worth 1 point. Assignmenst not done at all are worth zero,nada,zilch. The final homework grade percentage will be determined by adding the total points earned by a student and dividing it by the total number of homework points that could have been earned.
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