You must hand in a typed report.  The format is pretty much in the same format as your labs have been.  Check the info section of our site if you can't rememberHere is a template you are free to use
-- ScienceFairReportTemplate

It should contain:

  1. Title
  2. Abstract
  3. Background research: should be at least 4 pages of research with sources provided. (this is the paper you already wrote)
  4. Explanation of your hypothesis, or your educated guess as to how your experiment will turn out and what you are testing.
  5. Experimental Procedure
    1. Complete list of all materials used to complete your science project.
    2. Step-by-Step procedure detailing how you performed your experiment.  It should be very detailed and very exact, accounting for everything that your did.
    • How many trials you did
    • How many variables were used
    • What was the control
  6. A description of your results.
    1. Graphs and tables displaying the data you collected and the results you obtained.  These should be well organized and easy to read and understand.  They must be based on actual data, not estimates.
    2. Analysis of what results mean and show.
  7. Conclusions: include if your hypothesis was correct or incorrect, and identify any sources of error there might be in your data.
  8. A bibliography listing all the sources that you used.
  9. A handwritten journal (logbook) accounting for all the experimentation that you have done and what the daily results were.
  10. PRESENTATION: (choose one of the following)
    • A PowerPoint Presentation to be shown using the projector
    • A self-standing presentation board.


  • TITLE (with name and partners)
  • Abstract
  • Materials
  • Summary of Procedure (don't have to give every step)
  • Results
  • Graphs of Results or Data
  • Analysis of what Results show
  • Conclusions
  • Pictures
  • Presentations should be neatly done and nothing should be handwritten.
  • You must also present them orally in class.
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