AP Physics Notes/Handouts
2+3: Kinematics|4:Forces|5+8:Circular Motion|6:Energy|7:Momentum||9:Torque|10:Harmonics|
11:Fluids|12:Thermal Physics|13:Heat|13-15:Thermodynamics||16+17:Waves and Sound|
18:Electric Forces and Fields
|19: Electic Energy|20: Ohm/Circuits|21:Magnetism|22:Induction|
24-27:Light/Wave Optics
|25+26: Mirrors/Lenses|28-31:Quantum, Atomic, and Nuclear Physics
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Chapter 2 + 3: 1-D Kinematics/Graphical Analysis + 2-D Kinematics
Chapter 4: Forces and Newton's Laws

Chapter 5+8: Circular Motion/Law of Gravity/Circular Orbits

Chapter 6: Work and Energy
Chapter 7: Momentum

Chapter 9: Torque and Static Equilibrium

Chapter 10: Vibrations and Periodic Motion

Chapter 11: Solids and Fluids

Chapter 12: Thermal Physics

Chapter 13: Heat

Chapter 13-15: Laws of Thermodynamics

Chapter 16+17: Waves and Sound

Chapter 18: Electric Forces and Fields

Chapter 19: Electrical Energy and Capacitance

Chapter 20: Current and Resistance || DC Circuits

Chapter 21: Magnetism

Chapter 22: Induced Voltage and Inductance, Faraday's Law

Chapter 24-27: Light, Reflection, Refraction, Interference, Diffraction and Wave Optics

Chapter 25+26: Mirrors and Lenses

Chapter 29-32: Quantum Physics, Atomic Physics, Nuclear Physics

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