the Family Guy

It is strange that the two best TV shows that have been broadcast in my lifetime are both cartoons. I do not know whether that means that the best comedic writing surpasses the talents of human actors and can only be done justice by animation, or whether it is just chance that two of the best comedic groups of writers happen to work on animated series. What ever the reason, the Family Guy, like the Simpsons, is one of the best TV shows around. It features a dysfunctional family consisting of an oaf father, a sensible, intelligent but wild mother, an overweight, dim-witted son,a daughter with low self-esteem who is completely embarrassed of her parents, a genius baby with aspirations to rule the world, and of course a talking dog with a drinking problem. Unfortunately the show only lasted for 3 seasons due to the fact that the producers at FOX are not the brightest people in the world. It is funny that the show that they canceled is now beating out Leno and Letterman on reruns on the Cartoon Network. Now Family Guy is back on FOX, and keeping us all laughing.

I am not going to try to create a full web site about the Family Guy, I could not do it justice. I just want to honor the brilliantly funny show, and let people know about it. For more information go to Planet Family Guy, a great site with everything you want to know about the Family Guy.

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