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This page is dedicated to the most extraordinary TV show ever created .... The Simpsons. This is my little attempt to honor a show that has entertained me, enlightened me and kept me laughing since the late 80's. The Simpsons is the ultimate comedic political satire. The show is stuffed full of endless humor, comprising of witty jokes, slapstick, in your face puns on society, and amazingly subtle references that seem to multiply everytime you watch an epsiode. The Simpsons allows the viewer to look at reality and society through the eyes of animations. Here hyperbole can run rampid, and issues can be seen with more clarity. Many other sites do much more justice to the Simpsons in terms of images, sounds games etc., so i am not going to try to compete. Take a look below at a small collection of pictures and sounds, that I exceptionally like. Also if you need to take a break, take a look at the Simpsons Archive , The Last Exit to Springfield, or
The Pictures
31 K Homer making his first appearance in the fragrance world 32 K The only thing that can save the NBA
40 K 1st Floor of the Simpson house 36 K 2nd Floor of the Simpson house
41 K The Simpsons Soft, Salvador Dali style 12 K Homer, Van Gogh style
21 K What the real commercial should say. 34 K From an ancient medeival castle.
158 K The real way the Sistine Chapel was designed. 9 K Don Homer.
81 K A parallel from Simpsons to Star Wars. 2K Baby Homer.
The Sounds
I bent my wookie super computer burns-Doh Any Key
Computer Starting Cornball Doh-a-Deer the Mail is Here
Hasta-La-Vista WooHoo HomerDoh Simpstone
Internet3 Welcome Out of System Me Fail

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