~~ Resource Page for teachers
Student and friend Sites/mem2 sites
Nelson Lab at MIT betterlife
Region IV Sci Fair
useful physics links   ~~ good site for converting between units
Quadratic Equation Solver   ~~ solves quadratic equations
Countdown Timer  
Physics Simulations at Miss St.   ~~ nice simulation from Mississippi State Physics Dept.
Physics of Sports   ~~ good site dedicated to explaining sports thru Physics   ~~ great physics resources in one place   ~~ physics news and resources   ~~ one of the best sites on the web, the name says it all
physics classroom   ~~ great physics multimedia demonstrations   ~~ explore the universe   ~~ an interactive journey through modern physics   ~~ great Physics Java Simulations   ~~ directory of famous classical and modern physicists   ~~ important women physicists
Minority Physicists   ~~ directory of important minority physicists
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